Training Classes

The Winter 2018 session of classes will start on Tuesday,  January 9th 2018 with a registration and orientation session.  The mandatory registration and orientation night on the 9th will be in addition to the 6 weeks of training (for performance obedience classes).  

Schedule is as shown below.  Class size limits will be enforced, register early.  A waiting list will be set up for classes marked as full, but no guarantee if a spot will become available.

Location: Brockville Memorial Centre, Magedoma Blvd

Cost:  Session is $90.00 for the 7 week session.
Membership in the club is not required in order to participate in classes.

For information and Class registration form please contact: (PLEASE NOTE CLASS REGISTRATION FORM IS NOT AVAILABLE ONLINE, IT WILL BE EMAILED TO YOU.)

Ginny -

Schedule for Winter 2018 Classes:  

Please note that the classes will begin with a registration/orientation night on Jan 9th.  With the exception of the Conformation Handling class, dogs are not to attend this first session.  The remaining six weeks will be instruction for dogs and handlers.  

 Time    Class Trainer(s)
 6 pm
 Beyond the Basics - continuing education for graduates of Puppy/Beginner  levels.   Class size limited.  PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT AN ENTRY LEVEL CLASS... COMPLETION OF PUPPY OR BEGINNERS LEVEL IS REQUIRED.                      Ginny/Lorne Kerr

 6 pm 
 Beyond the Basics - continuing education for graduates of Puppy/Beginner levels.  Class size is limited.  PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT AN ENTRY LEVEL CLASS... COMPLETION OF PUPPY OR BEGINNERS LEVEL IS REQUIRED.  Jean Bruce
 7 pm

 Show Handling - full seven weeks with your dogs on the matts Karen Nesbitt &
 Tracey Cornforth
 7 pm
 Puppy Obedience - class size limited  Jean Bruce/Ginny Kerr
 8 pm 
 Beginner Obedience - class size limited

 Ginny/Lorne Kerr
 8 pm
 Rally Obedience - suitable for those wishing to compete in all levels of CKC rally.  Familiarity with basic Rally signs is required (suitable also for graduates of CGN/Intro Rally). Jean Bruce/Tracey Cornforth

Class descriptions are shown below.  

Please note not all classes are offered every session. Check schedule shown above. 

Pre-registration is required

  • Puppy Class – suitable for puppies 12 weeks to four months of age.  Minimum of first set of vaccinations are required, with age appropriate vaccinations being done as required. Puppies will learn basic manners, and be introduced to loose lead walking, sits, downs, recalls and stays – all at a level that is suitable for young puppy minds and bodies. Puppies and handlers will build a strong foundation which will enable them to continue in more advanced classes. Proper socialization, problem solving and tips for the new owner are also an important part of this class. 

  • Beginner Obedience – Introductory class for puppies 5 months and over and adult dogs. This introductory class will introduce your older puppy or adult dog to basic obedience commands and will assist the owner in building a better bond with their canine companion. Loose leash walking, introduction to heeling, sits, downs, stays and recalls form the core of this class. A strong foundation in the basics will allow graduates from this class to continue on to more advanced classes if they wish. Socialization techniques, problem avoidance and solving are also dealt with in this class. 

  • Beyond the Basics – We are excited to offer this class which encourages previous graduates from the Puppy and Beginner classes to continue with the lifetime education of their dog. Building on the core exercises learned in previous courses, this class will be a fun and exciting way to improve your dogs performance and attention with games and increased levels of fun and distraction. Come on out and give it a try… we know your dog will thank you for it!!!! 

  • Clicker ABCs - NEW - this class will be available starting 2018 for dogs and handlers who have successfully completed at least the Beginner level of training.  It will introduce and focus on clicker training in all aspects of your dogs training and behaviour shaping.  Stay tuned for more information.

  • Heeling Bootcamp - NEW - this class is on our list of new classes to offer in 2018.  It will be a class designed to improve focus and heeling for both the competitive dogs and handlers as well as those wishing to continue the education of themselves and their canine companion.  Successful completion of at least Beginner level is required.

  • Intro to CKC Rally – open to dogs who have completed at least one level of training, this class introduces dogs and handlers to the sport of Rally Obedience. Signs 1-36 are taught and students will learn how to prepare their dogs for a CKC Rally Novice test. 

  • CKC Rally Trial Prep - all levels - Novice/Advanced/Excellent – continues on from the Intro class, preparing dogs and handlers to perform in Intermediate, Advanced and Excellent competitions. 

  • Canine Good Neighbour (CGN) and Intro to CKC Rally Combination Class – prepares dogs and handlers to not only perform all the exercises required to pass their CGN (Canine Good Neighour) tests, but to also become a welcomed partner in today's public. CKC Rally is also introduced.  Signs 1-36 are taught and students will learn how to prepare their dogs for a CKC Rally Novice Test.   This class isn't just about training, but touches on the fundamentals of acceptable social behaviour. This is a good class for grads from the basic levels to improve on their dogs performance in basic social settings. 

  • Trial Prep – CD and CDX – This is an intermediate or advanced level of class which takes the dogs beyond the basics, preparing them for off lead work, jumping and retrieving. Dogs and handlers will learn how to prepare their dogs for CKC Novice and Open level obedience competition. This class is also an excellent opportunity for the pet owner who wishes to continue with their dogs` education beyond the basic level. 

  • Show Handling – this class is for those handlers who wish to prepare their dogs for entry into Conformation competition. Show ring etiquette and handling, proper stacking and pacing of the dogs are taught. This class is an excellent opportunity to work your dogs in a show-like environment, to introduce your young dogs to the mats or just to get feedback on you and your dogs performance. 


All of our class instructors are committed and experienced members of the dog training community. Our methods reflect our values of respect and compassion for our dogs.  No harsh training methods are used, instead we promote a positive atmosphere for our dogs to learn in through the use of reward based training.  Our training team consists of individuals who train and compete in CKC events but who are also dog owners who understand the needs of the average pet owner in todays' society.      

  • Karen Nesbitt Karen grew up at the dog show and began her show career as a junior handler, showing her mom's pugs.  For the past thirteen years, she has bred and shown border terriers. She is always learning about different breeds and the subtle ways that handlers can bring out the best in their dogs.  Helping other exhibitors handle their dogs to their full potential is what makes our informal classes both satisfying and rewarding.
  • Tracy Cornforth - (bio coming) 

  • Jenn Abbott - Jenn grew up with lots of dogs in a dog show family.  Jenn shows and trials her Shelties and Belgians, and in her spare time is a CGN evaluator and is working on her Rally judge certification.

  • Ginny and Lorne Kerr - Ginny and Lorne first became involved in training and showing dogs in the early 1980's and have taught classes since the mid-80's.  They live with their shepherd, their collie and three terriers, and their herd of miniature horses, and continue to compete in performance events in the local area.

  • Jean and David Bruce - Jean and Dave have been involved in the showing and training of dogs since the 1970's and continue to trial their dogs in obedience, rally and agility with great success.  The moved to this area from SW Ontario where they ran a successful doggy daycare and training business for many years.  Jean has training in animal behaviour and uses it in her approach to training.